Wealth Management:

Wealth management is an advisory concept that integrates financial planning and money management with a number of aggregated financial tools to help build a strong financial foundation. This means that our firm is integrated into your financial lives whether that is advice on refinancing your home, purchasing real estate, or understanding your cash flow needs now and in retirement. We have also built a great understanding of insurance needs, current/future taxes, and estate planning solutions.

Money Management:

When it comes to managing your current and future retirement assets, we have developed a proprietary process for security/investment selection that focuses on several quality metrics as well as maintaining strong dividend/interest streams in order to buy shares when you are still saving and support your cash flow needs when a paid profession becomes an option.

Retirement Planning:

Whatever stage you are in whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement we can put together a plan that centers around cash flow to reach your retirement goals.

Estate Planning:

Here at AWMS we feel estate planning is one the most beneficial services we can offer.  Understanding and reviewing Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Designated Patient Advocate documents prepared for you by your estate planning attorneys help make it possible for us to help you make sure that every one of your assets is pointing in the right direction.  Our proprietary planning allows for tax optimization, reduced administration cost, and enhanced charitable giving. 

Tax Planning:

Optimizing your tax situation means planning for your current as well as your future tax situation. By understanding where you fall in your current tax bracket, we can advise you on whether you should be funding pre-tax qualified plans, after-tax
Roth plans or considering Roth conversions. Helping you understand what it means for your current tax situation as well as your retirement tax situation.

Education Savings Plans:

We can help you to start a savings plan for your future college student by helping you pick the best savings plan for their future. Whether that is an education IRA, 529 plans, or just interest from general savings.

Short and Long-Term Investment Strategies:

The short term is less than 3 years and the Long-term being greater than 3 years. We can help you chose the right investment strategy to meet current and future investment goals. Whether that is short-term investments like government and high-grade corporate bonds or long term investments like intermediate to long-term government and corporate bonds as well as stocks/
equities and real estate.